For over 19 years, we have been servicing the businesses in the Niagara area & beyond.  

Because of the extensive experience of the staff, we have continued to grow in our services to help the home & small businesses.  As you know, our industry changes everyday, & with that, we continue to strive to keep up on as much of the changes as possible.  Considering, we started in computers before the IBM standard came about, we have seen a lot of innovations.  If you look at our Help pages, you'll see many hints that we have learned in the 19+ years & have received thank-you's from around the world for the help they've been.  We're not just computer hardware & OS specialists, we have helped businesses in getting started by getting them the right equipment with the right software & have helped by designing the business cards, letter heads, flyers, web pages, & setting up Accounting software with Inventory etc., that they have needed.  Check us out & see how we can save you money.

CE Testing Standards for all Products

Because we can purchase most everything pertaining to the World of Computers, we have had to test the many brands to make sure that they pass our testing.  There is nothing more frustrating than to have work that needs to be done and you cannot do it because it keeps freezing or it has crashed on you one more time.  Therefore, we have broken down the products into groups and then brands.  We have eliminated the poor quality systems and items to bring you the best systems on the market. 

Therefore browse the site to check the latest info & pricing for quality system and parts.