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Networking (the linking of computers & peripherals together for sharing) is becoming more and more in demand as the businesses in the Niagara area become more computerized in this developing market.  The use of wireless routers, for the internet, has added many challenges for even the home.  Let us come in and set up your large/small network so that you can enjoy sharing, printers & the internet.  We also can make sure your wireless router is protected so that people inside cars cannot sit on the road & tap into your unprotected wireless network & stealing your signal. but also doing illegal work so that it gets linked back to your house or business.  

Save time & money by sending files to someone on the system instead of having to waste time to get up and give the person the disk.  Also, sharing a printer & the internet, saves money when you have more than one computer so that everyone can print to one or more computers.  To learn about how this can keep your files safer and to streamline your office, call us for more information.  Trained & Experienced in Microsoft Small Business Server; perfect for 3-30 workstations.

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